If you want to install a home security alarm system in your home, it can be an expensive proposition. A monitored system is exactly that: monitored all the time by a specially trained specialist in a monitoring company who can immediately alert the appropriate authorities in the case an incident occurs. The cost of such a system will vary greatly, running you from a few hundred dollars to several thousand or more dollars. So is there any way to cut the price? Read on…

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If you’re looking for a good place to start your comparison of home security companies then here is where you need to look. Start by asking friends and family what home security systems they use, or ask them to recommend a particular security company to you. Alternatively you could contact one of the big three security companies – Brinks, ADT or Protect America – and see what they have to offer. In either case you’ll soon get some idea of what’s on offer and what each company offers in terms of features and costs.

You can’t compare home security company systems without also comparing prices. Fortunately you don’t need to travel all over the world to find a low-cost provider. A quick internet search will reveal plenty of options in your home country. One of the easiest ways to gauge prices is to check out their website and see what features they offer, and whether you need those features. Then you can simply apply to their preferred provider to get your monthly fee.

If you’re looking for the ideal home security company then you may wish to investigate Smith & THOMpson. Smith & THOMpson make a wide range of products including some that are aimed at smaller domestic properties than bigger properties. As well as providing security systems they also offer advice services and home repair service. So in our comparison we’ve looked at some of the different products they manufacture and considered how they compare with the leading suppliers.

In this first part of our comparison between Smith & Thompson Vs adt we’ve compared the security company’s range of camera systems. As cameras have become an important accessory for many homeowners they are a significant player in the home security company market. Smith & Thomsons own DVR system series, whilst adt also manufacture home security company systems such as the Guardian, Radvision and Radioscan. It’s clear from this analysis that Smith & Thompson have an easier time penetrating the home ownership market; they are more established and their equipment is more compatible with modern consumer expectations.

The second area in which Smith & Thomsons differ is the range of products they manufacture and sell. They have several high end consumer devices such as smoke alarms, intruder alarms, and video surveillance equipment but also a huge range of do-it-yourself devices and accessories, aimed at consumers who don’t want to be bothered with installing their own security systems. These do-it-yourself security products are often easier to install and use as they come with professionally installed components and manuals. These do-it-yourself security products can also save you time and money as they don’t require a professional installation. Adt also manufactures a range of consumer devices, many of which are aimed at families who want to protect children and other families pets in their home.

As part of our comparison between Smith & Thomsons and adt we also considered their security products and home security alarm systems. Both of these companies manufacture home security alarm systems, however abode home security is often more widely recognized and preferred. This is primarily due to the fact that abode offers a variety of alarm systems, including a frontpoint protection system and a remote control access panel that can be installed in most kitchens. With a Smith & Thomsons home security alarm system you can only select from the available alarm models in their range, however their systems are more widespread and include more advanced features.

In our final comparison between the top home security systems from Smith & Thomsons and abode home security we considered factors such as the customer service provided and the after sales service. Smith & Thomsons were the overall winner but only because their customer service was better than abode. abode’s after sales service was also satisfactory, but that was down to the limited number of models that they offer and it was hard to gauge how much they actually value their customers. We recommend abode home security systems for anyone looking for a home security system with all the benefits of Smith & Thomsons’ security products.