A well-maintained landscape is a significant feature of any home. It increases the property value, creates a serene setting, and draws in potential homebuyers. However, the tasks of keeping a yard beautiful can become overwhelming and require professional help. This is especially true when it comes to tree maintenance.

Performing seasonal tree maintenance seasonal tree maintenance in Idaho throughout the year is essential to ensure your trees remain healthy and strong. Proper care stimulates growth, reduces damage caused by storms and other weather events, prevents disease and insect infestations, and enhances overall appearance.

It’s important to prune your trees during their dormant season, which is late winter to early spring. Pruning during this time is most effective because it can be done without disrupting the tree’s natural cycle. During this time, it’s also easier to spot and target specific areas of the tree that need attention.

The summer heat can take a toll on your trees if they’re not properly watered. To keep your trees hydrated, regularly place a ring of mulch around their base. This will protect the roots from overheating, and it will prevent the soil from becoming too compacted, which can limit the flow of nutrients.

A thorough inspection should be performed each fall to check for signs of pests or diseases. A good rule of thumb is to look for bare spots on the leaves, cracking or discoloring in the bark, and holes in the trunks. If you see any of these signs, contact a professional local arborist to perform an inspection and suggest preventative measures for your trees.

As the weather starts to thaw in the spring, it’s time to start prepping your landscaping for the growing season. It’s important to give your trees the nourishment they need, as they can lose a lot of the nutrients they absorb from the soil during the winter. Using a slow-release fertilizer will replace these nutrients, promote leaf and shoot growth, and strengthen your trees’ resistance to pests and the elements.

It’s also a great time to perform any other necessary tree service, such as pruning or mulching. In addition, it’s important to water your trees throughout the year, not just during hot weather. Water the soil at the base of your tree extending out 12 inches in all directions. Make sure you don’t leave standing water around the trunks of your trees, as this can encourage fungi growth.

Regular seasonal tree maintenance will ensure your property is ready for all types of severe weather. It will also keep your home safe and increase its value. Properly maintained trees are less likely to blow over in high winds or break under the weight of snow, ice, or rain, which could damage your roof and power lines, or hurt someone on your property. Performing routine tree maintenance will also limit the risk of tree loss, and save you money on costly repairs. By following these tips, you can enjoy your beautiful landscape all year round!